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Our mission is to provide fun and engaging spelling apps that support a multisensory, structured, sequential and cognitive approach to teaching reading and spelling.

Marla Chandler
Marla ChandlerDyslexia Specialist
After earning a Master’s in Middle Grades Education, I went on to teach upper-elementary and middle grades in both public and Montessori schools. Early on in my teaching career I was always baffled when I encountered older students who struggled with reading and spelling. Wanting to help these students overcome their reading challenges prompted me to seek out best instructional practices for those with dyslexia. A colleague introduced me to the Orton-Gillingham approach which is a multisensory method for teaching those with dyslexia. I was hooked! For the past nine years I’ve tutored privately those with language learning differences. Currently, I’m a teacher at the Hamlin Robinson School, a school for students with dyslexia located in Seattle, Washington. I continue to research best practices in dyslexia education ,and am a member of the International Dyslexia Association. In addition, I am an Associate Member of the Orton-Gillingham Academy and am certified with the Slingerland Institute. When I’m not thinking about cool ways to teach, I like to hang out with my sons and my lazy, but lovely, dog Daisy.
Tracy Odell
Tracy OdellDeveloper & Artist
I have been a freelance artist and developer for over 20 years. A recent graduate (magna cum laude, woo!) of the University of Washington, with a degree in art history, I’ve decided that making apps and Marla’s dream come true sounded like a lot more fun than pursuing a doctorate for the next 8 years. So here we are! She’s the brains behind my code, and I am super stoked about this new adventure. In my free time you’ll find me rock climbing, hanging with the fam, preferably near water and geeking out over climbing gear. (Pictured above with Spencer the leopard gecko – a friend of a friend.)
Rubber Ducks
Cups of Coffee
Hours of Development

We believe in the depth of intelligence of children, and we believe that everyone on the planet deserves to have a little fun while learning.

During testing of our first app “Dunk the Duck,” one brilliant and passionate girl raised her hand during the feedback session.

She told us that the end of the game needed to unlock the Golden Platypus. And thus our company name was born.

Thank you Semaiah for your awesome imagination!